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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another sweet postcard we found during demolition that is fitting for this sweet day. The card is postmarked February 10, 1909 from Baltimore. From Cornelia to Miss Maud Johnson. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy New Year!

A  very , very sweet card we found during our demolition appropriate for today. And so, another year filled with sweet memories, joyous and tough times have passed.  Here is a wishing from our family to yours that the coming year is a glorious one that rewards all your future endeavors with success.  2014! Full … Continue reading


!!Furious with the Contractor!!

As we had suspected, the contractor had not added proper insulation behind the rear exterior door trims, nor did he caulk or seal any gaps.  He lied point blank to our face and had insisted that he had added insulation when we complained this past winter that we were feeling active cold drafts around the … Continue reading


Early Fall Blooms

I look forward to the cooler days of late August and September when our garden feels more tranquil and the Sweet Autumn Clematis vine starts to bloom.   These vines are easily a favorite of mine: hearty, easy to take care  and freshly fragrant.    Also, another favorite of mine is the late summer blooming … Continue reading


Raves for Our Dishwasher

After years of owning a Bosch at our previous apartment, I decided I wanted a Miele.  Bosch was fine, however, over time the push buttons stopped working and I felt like the dishwasher never  fully dried the dishes. We went with Miele Futura Classic Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Custom Panel.  Both Bosch and Miele are … Continue reading


Painting Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Usually we have great experience with smooth brushwork with oil based paint — and I can go over some of the techniques in this post– however  this summer when we started to paint our kitchen cabinet doors, there was a plot twist!!!  I’m pretty certain the heat wave had a lot to do with it. … Continue reading

Service and Product Recommendations

          I get a lot of questions about services and products, so I’ve complied a list of a few of our favorites for the DIY enthusiast. They have been invaluable both for our home and other architectural projects I have worked on in the past. I am happy to share. I’d … Continue reading


Renovating Our Interim Kitchen

In early June, we decided to take one step closer towards renovating our interim kitchen. Phase 3 of 5. It seems a lot of work to do when it’s just an interim kitchen, but all the work is not for nought – it’s all improvements towards the final dream kitchen. So, even if it’s only … Continue reading


Weapon of Choice: The Best Roto Splitter

I wish I had found this brand of BX cutter hand tool before we had wired the upstairs, cursed, callused, cramped and hacked our fingers. I think we had the Klein roto splitter — piece of garbage. Roto-Split from Seatek is hands down the best tool for cutting BX. It will cut that armor like … Continue reading


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