Inspiration: Vilhem Hammershoi

I love Vilhelm Hammershoi paintings.  This early 1900 Danish artist’s work continues to inspire me.  His work typically  focuses on architecture’s principal element: the room and light.  These were a series of paintings of the interior of his own apartment in Copenhagen, produced between 1889 and 1909.  There is always a sense of calm and stillness.  He has amazingly captured the varying qualities of light. He painted his walls, doors and windows over and over. I don’t know why I feel these images have become so important to me as an architect, but I’m sure they will influence me as my practice develops. They are great in capturing atmosphere, use of light and materiality; and a great source of inspiration for both modern and traditional architecture.


Sofa, 1905


Interieur. Standgade 30, 1901


Interieur, 1899


Tanz der Staubkorner, 1900

SCA290390056  01

Interieur, Strandgade 30. 1901



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